Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are quite good pianos. They are the smaller pianos with the vertical alignment of the strings. These are smaller than grand pianos but still have a very rich sound. While some are very plain, others are ornate and fine. Vertical pianos, as they are sometimes called, are for those that aren’t just ready to move on to a grand piano. Sometimes people choose them simply because of size.

There are a variety of benefits to these types of pianos. Such pianos are less expensive than a grand piano on average. Upright pianos have a wide variety of finish and design options, meaning you can get one that matches just what you are looking for. The reduced size of an upright piano means that it fits perfectly inside many homes.

Upright pianos are a move that many piano players make when they are starting to become more serious. They aren’t as expensive as grand pianos but they do have a wide variety of options at just as many price points. The lower cost combined with a lower size are very attractive to many people.

Baldwin BP1


Baldwin B49

Bechstein B124 Style

Bechstein B112 Modern

Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118

Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 132

Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120

Bosendorfer Grand Upright 130

Boston UP 132E

Boston UP 126E

Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio

Essex EUP-108C Classic Studio

Kawai K15

Pearl River UP115E

Pearl River EU131

Petrof P 125 K1

Petrof P 135 K1

Samick JS-042

Samick JS 115

Schimmel K122

Schimmel K132

Steinway V 125

Steinway K 132

Weber W-114

Weber W-121E

Yamaha B1

Yamaha B2

Yamaha B3

Yamaha P116