Kawai K300

The Kawai K300 Upright Piano is a wonderful acoustic design with a very professional appearance. It will fit in in either your home or studio.

The top brings the height of the piano to 48” or 4 feet. Just the perfect size for a vibrant practice piano. This model is based off of the K-3 design by Kawai and has brought various improvements.

Kawai K300

While the K-300 comes standard in black with a brass finish. There are a couple of options available though. You can also get white with a brass finish or satin mahogany with brass finish.

All colors can also have nickel hardware installed. The bench that comes with the piano matches its elegance but is also adjustable in height to fit people of any size.

Sound produced by the Kawai K300 is vibrant and can easily fill a room. Parts inside the piano use ABS plastic to keep costs down while providing good quality.

The design is their second tier up in the K line of pianos. It is still being produced so you have the option to buy a new one from Kawai or to look for a used one on one of the various markets.