Boston UP 126E

The Boston UP-126E edition is definitely the perfect addition to your home or teaching studio. The piano is 126 cm high, and it comes with many features.

Just like all the music instruments designed by Steinway & Sons, this piano features high standards of musical excellence.

Boston UP 126E

Featuring a duplex scale, the Boston UP piano also comes with reduced string tension. This is beneficial because it means that you can create longer sustain as well as a tapered soundboard.

Above all, reduced string tension ensures that your piano lasts longer. The Boston Up also features other engineering additions, including enhanced braces, bridges and rib placement. These features enhance the piano’s stability as well as its performance.

For those who are going for the stylish look, the Boston UP is the best bet. Its European cabinet style is complemented by the ebony and mahogany finish. It also has the polished and lacquered look, which gives the piano both a professional and stylish look.