Weber W-114

Weber has been constructing pianos designed for musicians since 1852, that is over 150 years of quality. From German craftsman comes a piano that is both a musical masterpiece and a mechanical marvel.

The Weber W-114 is an upright piano build with that skilled artisanship in mind. The designer behind the piano was an award-winning designer. Some say that the 4 foot tall W-114 breathed new life into the Weber line.

Weber W-114

For the Weber W-114, Del Fandrich utilized a new design technique, a floating soundboard. This soundboard design allows the sound to echo throughout the piano and area around it.

Attached directly to the soundboard is a bass bridge. Together, these two features allow for an enhanced bass sound than most other pianos, even larger ones.

There are two different types of finish available: a polish finish and a satin finish. The polish finish comes in ebony, white, mahogany red, mahogany brown, and walnut.

The satin finish comes in ebony. A color combination and design formatting is designed to fit every occasion and location. The small height allows it to fit in many spaces that a grand piano won’t while keeping an amazing sound quality.