Pearl River EU131

If you need a concert piano you can turn to the EU131, a 52 inch upright piano that possess both beautiful craftsmanship and an amazing design.

The EU131 has become the flagship piano for Pearl River vertical piano line. Longer strings than some grand pianos and the top notch material have contributed to that.

Pearl River EU131

The Pearl River EU131 is full of features at a reasonable price. A direct blow action compliments t stapled German felt hammers.

Each key is produced from straight grained spruce which is inspected for imperfections before it is used for production.

The piano comes backed with a 10 year part and labor warrant to help back the power that Pearl River has fit into the device.

Ebony Polish is the only color that the Pearl River EU131 is available in. That isn’t a problem for most musicians though as the ebony color presents amazingly in just about any concert hall or theatre.

The amazing audio quality of the music played through this piano helps it to fit wherever you need a concert sized piano.