Baldwin B49

This particular vertical piano is undoubtedly an ideal match for the studio room, institution or even residence thanks to its top quality performance, tone, in addition to aesthetic classiness that blends in equal proportions.

Exquisite tonal depth along with vertical comfort is offered by this brand new B49-HPE which appears really fantastic in a vintage high-polish Ebony finish.

baldwin b49

This model, similar to just about all Baldwin pianos, has been constructed from high-quality components which are known to produce top-quality specialized pianos on the planet.

The B49 is yet another traditional Baldwin product thanks to its amazing sophisticated looks plus smooth playing action. Moreover, this 125 cm-tall piano can also accommodate a big soundboard for a profound and impressive tone.

The Mapes or Roslau strings of the instrument possess extended speaking lengths as compared to the typical upright pianos out there. On top of this, the revolutionary Baldwin Scale Design is employed by this piano for producing sparkling highs.

Its tone, as well as overall performance, is further boosted by using high-quality tone woods, along with a reliable tough maple bridge, jazz soundboard, in addition to an attractive back frame.

The recognized Full Blow™ Direct Action of Baldwin results in an excellent response as well as feel which helps to provide a genuinely classic tone.

Apart from all these features, the pianist will also be able to use the more compact, ornamental music holder or even flip the fallboard back while bringing out the entire music desk thus allowing quite a few pages of music and this is all possible because of an innovative multipurpose “double music rack” cabinet layout.

In a nutshell, this cutting-edge B49 is truly incomparable in terms of playability, tone, not to mention flexibility.