Weber W-121E

Since 1852, Weber has been crafting some of the finest pianos in the industry. The German craftsman have managed to create a wonderful mix of musical instrument and mechanical masterpiece.

Weber has multiple models under their name but the W-121E stands out amongst some of the others. With the power of an award-winning designer behind the creation of the Weber W-121E, it is a piano worth the Weber name.

Weber W-121E

Keys on the Weber W-121E are designed to have an even touch. As you play, pressing the keys around the board takes no more power than any other key.

This model features a floating soundboard design that sits in the center of the piano with space above and below the soundboard. Directly coupled to the soundboard is a bass bridge that enables the Weber W-121 to deliver high quality bass that will rival even a full sized piano.

It also features full agraffs and double coated hammers to help the piano last a long time and deliver the expected sound quality.

Weber only constructs the W-121E in one finish, an ebony color. The furnishings on the piano are chrome, adding to the beauty of the instrument. At 48 inches tall, this piano will fit in quite a few places that a grand piano won’t.