Yamaha B1

Yamaha is a major name in the music world. They produce a wide variety of different musical products. From pianos to drums, you can find quality in every instrument they craft.

The experience of working with all of these instruments has helped Yamaha to craft a fine line of acoustic upright pianos.

Yamaha B1

The Yamaha b1 is the entry piano to the b series but it won’t disappoint. Despite it being the first in the line, it holds exceptional quality.

The idea behind the b1 is that it is a slim piano that can fit anywhere you need it to go. With measurements of 58.3 x 43 x 21.3, it will fit in many places other upright pianos simply can’t go.

Despite the focus on size, it hasn’t compromised on sound quality. Whether you are using the Yamaha b1 to teach or perform in a small room, the output will be just as nice as the beautiful appearance.

You can find the Yamaha b1 in a variety of finishes, the most common is the black, high gloss finish that most website have listed by default.

It is also available in a white, or two different natural wood colors. All of the furnishings come in brass to help polish off this piano. While it is great for any environment, it is exceptional as a practice or small studio piano.