Samick JS-042

Samick Music Corp is a relatively large company that produces a large number of instruments under different brands. One of those brands is the Samick Piano.

The Samick JS-042 is a beautiful entry into the Samick line. It is currently not listed on their website but there are multiple places that you can purchase one from.

The pin block is 15 ply laminated maple and the soundboard is crafted from maple. Each key is full length and both balanced and weighted.

This makes playing feel natural for anyone who has learned to play with a standard keyset. Instead of choosing felt for the hammers, Samick has used premium wool for the keys.

A middle peddle allows you to quiet the play of the piano so you can practice without disturbing others. With a 10 year warranty you don’t have to worry. The warranty covers parts and labor.

You will find the Samick JS-042 to come standard in a light wood color. You can also find it in a polished ebony and darker wood.

Speaking with the company before ordering and you will be likely be able to get other finishes with higher prices as the website states it is available in many colors with many finishes.