Kawai K200

This best-selling upright piano, the Kawai K200 is known for its size that is ideal for any studio.

While it may be small for some, it certainly adds a rich and flavorful tone to any type of music. It is well-crafted, carefully designed, and sounds great in any accompaniment.

Kawai K200

Constructed with a mixture of traditional wood and ABS-Carbon Composite parts, the K200 features Kawai’s well know Millenium III Upright Action.

This construction system allows a responsive, quick piano action, as well as soft responses with every touch.

With the technology and design that is put into the K200, Kawai boasts of its highly sufficient richness. It plays tones that are of great clarity and quality that can be heard by the ear and felt the hands.

• Mahogany hammer moldings, which are very lightweight
• NEOTEX surface material, which makes the K200’s keys feel like ivory and ebony. It also made to resist cracking and fading.
• Adjustable bench height