Yamaha B2

Those who have been in the music world for any amount of time will recognize the Yamaha name. Yamaha crafts a huge selection of instruments that have been used by professional musicians of all kinds.

Multi-instrument experience allows Yamaha to craft instruments that produce some of the best sound. The B line of pianos provides an exceptional selection of upright pianos and the Yamaha b2 is a great midline piano for the series.

Yamaha B2

The role of the Yamaha b2 is to be the mid-sized piano in the B-series of upright pianos. It exceeds the b1 in tone and volume but maintains the same slim design.

A crown-design soundboard is designed to be perfectly balanced to enable resonance and sound projection. Each component is made from premium quality materials.

A Yamaha b2 piano measures 59 inches by 44.5 inches by 21.5 inches. This model is most commonly found with a black, high gloss finish that can be seen on many listings. You can also find it in a white finish or two different shades of natural wood.

The factory furnishings for the Yamaha b2 are brass in color. It will fit right in with any environment that you put it in but it’s perfect match is still smaller rooms.