Bosendorfer Grand Upright 130

Bosendorfer Grand Upright 130 is a premium upright piano. Its action is set up with great precision by hand to make sure you enjoy perfect responsiveness of touch and great playability.

It is endowed with a powerful and rich tone that is articulate, resonant, commanding, and also offers the warm, dark sound that Bosendorfer is known for.

Bosendorfer Grand Upright 130

The piano has been handcrafted using the piano grade materials by the Bosendorfer artisans. It has a height of 130cm, width 156cm, depth 65cm, and weight 314kg.

Bosendorfer 130 has a big cabinet and right from the time you play a chord you will be able to feel the resonant, immersive sound, and also the deep bass growl and rich trebles.

The tone can also be very delicate and soft when desired. This action is very responsive and allows rapid pianissimo and repeated notes whenever required. Bosendorfer Upright 130 ensures every pianist a very enjoyable playing experience.