Boston UP 132E

The Boston Upright Piano UP-132 E PE is the largest upright piano in the Boston PE range standing with a height of 132 centimetres. The full dimensions are as follows:

Height: 132cm

Width: 154cm

Weight: 302kg

Length: 67cm

boston UP 132E

This piano is characteristically known for its powerful and full sound that can even match some grand pianos. Designed by Steinway & Sons, all Boston uprights offer a high standard of performance and excellence, perfect for expressing your musical talent.

The Boston UP 132 E features a duplex scale, featured in all the famous Steinway & Sons piano design.

This duplex scale adds a level of harmony and richness which are unparalleled when compared to similar pianos of its kind.

With less string tension than other pianos, the Boston UP 132 E is able to allow for a larger and more tapered soundboard. This creates a longer sustain and improves the quality in the singing tone as well as the lifetime of the piano.

Other impressive enhancements include the perfect and optimal placement of bridges, braces and ribs that all collectively contribute to the amazing tone and stability of this piano.

The precisely tapered sound boards are crafted from Sitka spruce, one of the most resonant materials available which allows them to vibrate more freely.

The incredibly deigned soundboards mixed with the unique patents and technologies of Steinway & Sons results in truly superior, sustained and powerful tone.

Available in a walnut and mahogany polished finish as opposed to the classic ebonised look, the Boston UP 132 E is a beautiful and very impressive instrument guaranteed to enhance the experience of the player.