Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118

If you’re looking for a good upright Piano that doesn’t take a lot of space, yet still delivers amazing performance, then the Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118 is for you.

This marvelous piece of piano is the smallest instrument in the SP line, but it performs as good as the high-end models. It has upgraded hammers with an improved action manufactured by Detoa, which makes it a worthwhile upgrade from the Europe series.

bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118

It is firm in touch yet players will find it well balanced and perfectly suited to their needs. It comes in a stunning flawless polished ebony finish and gorgeous chrome fittings that catch the eye of the beholder.

Standing 118cms tall, 154 cm wide and 62 cm in depth, the instrument is supplied with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designed by Bluthner and made from high quality Czech components, the instrument with its musical capabilities is the pinnacle of European design and precision engineering with excellent value.

The Bluthner Irmler Supreme SP 118 is also available in a silent model, where the player can switch off the acoustic elements of the piano and practice privately with headphones.

The best part is that the piano delivers excellent musical performance with a touch of elegance that has the listener and the player both, captivated from the first keystroke.