Essex EUP-108C Classic Studio

The Essex EUP-108C piano belongs to the family of upright pianos by STEINWAY & Sons. This particular piano is designed in collaboration with renowned furniture designer William Faber.

It features elegant traditional styling and museum-quality finishes. It comes in different finishes, sizes, and models.

Essex EUP-108C Classic Studio

This piano has various casing styles to choose from, giving you the freedom to pick the one that perfectly matches your interior d├ęcor. There is nickel, mahogany, brass, satin black, contemporary, and classic designs.

The piano has a tapered rather than uniformly thick soundboard. This feature allows it to vibrate more freely, producing a deeper and richer volume.

The keyboard is designed using Steinway design geometry all-wood action which makes it highly responsive. You therefore enjoy full control and dynamic range when playing the piano.

To increase the durability of the piano, the Essex EUP-108C has massive staggered back posts which helps in supporting the massive tension of the upright piano.