Pearl River UP115E

Pearl River is a respected manufacturer of pianos and the UP115E piano is no exception to that. This model is an institutional piano that is designed to help teachers educate students in the world of music.

Music is an important part of every culture and having devices that are designed to enable education in music help to continue providing music for years to come.

Pearl River UP115E

This model was designed after the Baldwin Hamilton Studio style piano. The classic appearance of this instrument helps it to fit in any studio or classroom. Pearl River’s UP115E comes packed with features and has great ratings amongst users.

The UP115E comes with direct blow hammers and an aluminum action rail. All of the hardware is solid brass to add to the appearance of the piano. With a lock on the lid, you can prevent unauthorized access to the piano if it is in an open part of your school or building.

The full length sheet rack for holding your music allows for both instructor and student to have a copy of the music in front of them if they are sitting side by side.

Two different color options exist for the UP115E, you can get it in Ebony Satin or Mahogany Satin. Both colors are a wonderful wood design that will leave you impressed.