Petrof P 135 K1

The Petrof P 135 K1 is the largest in the Petrof line of pianos. Like with many of the other Petrof pianos, they drew their inspiration from the past in order to craft a piano that sounds perfect, looks presentable, and lasts.

Petrof’s P 135 K1 piano is great for professionals because of its sound but the design also lends itself to working in music school. Orchestras of all kinds will benefit from the colorful tone of the P 135.

Petrof P 135 K1

Resonance spruce wood was used for the sound board to help carry the sound through the piano. Spruce wood and beech is used elsewhere throughout the piano to assist the sound to carry.

The P 135 K1 stands at over 53 inches tall, nearly 5 feet. This height helps make the sound more rich and louder.

One color is available for the Petrof P 135 K1, a black color with a high polish finish. If you need a different finish, you can request that at the time you order.

It would be best to contact customer service before you make the order. However, the black with high polish finish fits in almost any orchestra hall or classroom.