Schimmel K122

Schimmel provides musicians around the world with a large variety of pianos. Just about any kind of upright piano you want from introductory pianos to Koncert pianos.

The Schimmel K122 is from their line of Koncert pianos. It is a wonderful piano that delivers quality music from its 4 foot tall body.

Schimmel K122

While the piano is not listed on the Schimmel website anymore, it is still available from sellers around the world.

People turn to the Schimmel K122 because, despite the smaller size, it is very rich in tone with amazing balance.

It features high quality internal parts that provide just the right sound. This piano is meant for smaller concert halls but can perform equal to many models that are larger.

You can commonly find the Schimmel K122 available in ebony high gloss or white high gloss. This provides you with a light and dark option for any concert hall or performance room.

It is designed to blend in and provide the appearance of a professional piano.