Schimmel K132

Schimmel Pianos is a major producer of fine German pianos and you can get just about any kind of piano you need from them. From teaching pianos to grand pianos, they have it all.

The Konzert K132 is a traditional upright concert piano that is designed to produce vibrant sound in a variety of scenes.

Schimmel K132

The design is meant to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation to last for generations of players.

The grand Schimmel K132 has an enlarged, wood soundboard that is designed specifically for the Schimmel line of pianos, no manufacturer makes a soundboard quite the same way.

It also features a Triplex scale to help produce vibrant sounds. As a highly awarded piano, the Schimmel K132 is one of their best sellers.

There are two different finish options for the K132. You can get ebony high gloss and mahogany high gloss finishes. All of the fixtures on the piano are brass.

Each key top is made from ebony wood and mineral materials for perfect appearance and playability. It is important to note that the K132 is a full size grand piano sitting in at nearly 5 feet tall.