Steinway K 132

Steinway is one of the longest running producers of quality pianos. Having been designing pianos for over 150 years, they have earned every sale they have made.

Each piano produced by Steinway comes handcrafted from industry leading builders. The Steinway K 132 carries on the quality of the brand name that Steinway has established.

Steinway K 132

Keys on the Steinway K 132 come balanced to ensure proper tone with each press of the key. Balancing the keys allows for a full spectrum of sounds, no matter how heavy or light the keypress.

The fine wood design allows for the carrying of sound at a loud volume. A K 132 is designed to sit in when a grand piano won’t fit but you need the same, uncompromising sound.

The K-132 from Steinway comes in multiple different colors. Traditional finishes include black, ivory white, and white.

You can also find crown jewel coloring in the form of Amber Wood, East Indian Rosewood, Indian Appletree, Kewazinga Bubinga, Macassar Ebony, and Mahogany Pommele.

The bench comes matching the same design as the piano itself. Furnishings for the Steinway line can come in either brass or chrome.