Kawai K500

The Kawai K500 is a tall piano that reaches almost 5 feet in height. It combines the various qualities you look for in a higher end piano into an upright piano that will add life to your studio, home, or establishment.

A detailed range of notes and richness is helped by outstanding power. It brings with it a number of upgrades from the lower number Kawai designs.

Kawai K500

Besides the NEOTEX key surfaces that allow for precise presses, the K500 utilizes the upper Duplex scale. This enables the piano to have better harmonics via a brilliance and richness that others in the price range miss out on.

Each hammer features double felt with a mahogany core for great sound quality and an amazing lifespan.

Three different color schemes are available for the Kawai K500: Polished Ebony, Satin Ebony, and Polished Sapeli Mahogany.

All of the models feature brass detailing and ABS-carbon composite parts. You will also get an adjustable height bench that allows anyone of any size to be able to play at the piano.

It is designed to fit in with any of the designs while still looking professional compared to some companies who just provide a generic looking bench.