Bechstein B112 Modern

The Bechstein B112 Modern is an upright piano with an eye-catching design. It has a fashionable black colored cabinet from which the keyboard extends.

The position of the keyboard in relation to the cabinet produces a remarkable aesthetic balance. The piano integrates many of the key elements found in the Bechstein Grand Pianos.

bechstein B112 modern

The Bechstein B112 combines state-of-the-art technology with careful craftsmanship. The piano has a height of 112cm, width of 149cm, depth of 57.5cm and weight of 230kg. The Piano produces an impressive sound profile and has a great touch across the whole keyboard.

The Piano is effortless to play and produces a very warm tone which brings out the clarity and strength of the tone.

The Bechstein B112 is compatible with the vario system which allows you to play with headphones on. The vario system also allows you to connect to external devices and record your playing session.

The Bechstein B112 Modern combines aesthetic design with great functionality.