Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio

The Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio incorporates several features that make it suited for use in homes.

With a height of 123 cm, width of 151 cm, depth of 67cm and net weight of 255 kg, the Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio is suited for use even in homes where space is a challenge.

Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio

The Essex EUP-123E has several features that optimize its performance. The materials used to make the piano are specially engineered by the manufacturer to maximize durability and optimize performance.

The soundboard is solid and tampered to increase tonal volume and ensure free vibration. The entire body of the piano is made of wood to increase durability.

The design also features specially designed strings, back posts, bridges and plates to optimize sound quality.

The cabinet is made of solid polished wood polished with ebony, walnut polish or sapele mahogany. This introduces an elegant appearance for the Essex EUP 123 E.

The soundboard has a vibrating area of 1.26m2 encased in solid spruce wood casing. The wires are made of Roslau wire, the plate is made of cast iron while the tuning pins are made of carbon steel coated with nickel.

The keys are made of spruce while the soft, sustain and muffler pedals are made of brass. These features of the Essex EUP-123E Classic Studio are combined to increase the durability of the piano while optimizing sound quality and appearance.