Steinway V 125

Steinway is the short name given to Steinway and Sons, one of the finest producers of grand and upright pianos. They have been producing pianos for over 150 years.

These professionals put a lot of hard work into crafting each piano. Steinway’s V 125 is a wonderful carrier of the name.

Steinway V 125

It produces large sound with a lifetime that will span generations. Many musicians from around the world have chosen it to be their instrument of choice.

Each Steinway V 125 is crafted by hand by the people at Steinway. This not only helps to increase the authenticity but to boost the quality control. Every hand that touches the piano ensures that it functions well before it leaves Steinway.

You can get the V-125 in one of two colors, a mahogany polished or a black polished piano. It features brass finishings and a red trim above the keys. Each key is a masterpiece of craftsmanship.