Yamaha P-116

Yamaha is an expert in the musical instrument industry, they produce everything from guitars to drums to pianos.

Multi-instrument production has given them the experience needed to craft some of the highest quality instruments.

Yamaha P116

The P116 upright piano is designed to provide refined sound while still fitting in modest dimensions. Yamaha’s P-series of pianos was designed to provide a mid-range option for pianos.

The Yamaha P116 is built on the B2E but with better quality materials and a superior soundboard. The bridges and hammers have also been upgraded.

Music coming from the P116 is richer than most of its size. It delivers well on its promise of a compact piano that still delivers amazing sound quality. A Yamaha P116 measures in at 116 by 152 by 58.

Yamaha produces the P116 in two different colors, a polished ebony or a polished white. You have the option with both colors to go for brass furnishings or chrome furnishings.

The ideal environment for the Yamaha P116 is a small room but it will deliver modestly in a medium sized environment.