Samick JS 115

Samick Music Corporation is a collection of instrument brands with a history of delivering quality products that will impress you. There are 10 different brands under the Samick name but Samick itself is the original.

Samick’s JS 115 is above the entry level pianos from the brand. It is intended for school use and was designed to be easy for teaching.

Samick JS 115

Samick has built on the other models of their pianos to help deliver a wonderful sounding instructional piano. An all spruce soundboard is backed by 15 ply laminated maple pin block.

Each string is made from Roslau music wire to help the sound fill a space. Most of the parts throughout the piano are either quality metal or wood so that you don’t have to worry about cheap plastic parts throughout the piano.

Like many similar pianos, Samick offers the JS 115 from the factory with three different finishes. An ebony high polish finish is standard while you can also find it in mahogany high polish and walnut high polish. A variety of colors helps you to get a piano that fits in with any classroom.