Baldwin BP1

The innovative and breathtaking BP1 features premium-quality components along with tone-woods which are common with almost every Baldwin product and it is available at a reasonably affordable price as well.

The piano is reputed for offering top-notch playability, tone, resilience, as well as an extraordinary value which can be expected from a concise upright piano. Furthermore, it has a mind-blowing appearance thanks to the sophisticated high-polish Ebony finish.

baldwin bp1

BP1 employs the celebrated Baldwin Scale Style in spite of the fact that it is smaller than the majority of the Baldwin vertical pianos out there.

As compared to the majority of the compact uprights, being 120 cm in height, the BP1 has a capacity of accommodating a bigger soundboard and can also boast of offering a full, effective sound.

Its Roslau or Mapes strings come with a longer speaker length which allows a vibrant tone in addition to a deep bass. Moreover, Baldwin is known to use the identical top-notch components plus high-quality tone woods which are typical with the most well-known professional pianos on the market.

It also features a strong 2-ply beech, spruce soundboard, as well as a hard-maple bridge, a back frame and spruce ribs, in addition to an innovative 19-ply laminated maple pin block.

On top of that, the piano will also provide an excellent feel as well as response thanks to the innovative Full Blow™ Direct Action from Baldwin. Therefore, do not hesitate and get in touch with your nearby Baldwin vendor to get hold of an amazing state-of-the-art vertical piano right now.