Kawai K15

If you are looking for an introduction to upright pianos that includes quality at a wonderful price the Kawai K15 Continental Console Piano is a great option. It includes a wonderful design and ABS plastic parts.

The parts are crafted using the finest of ABS printing methods and it is an ultra-responsive model, all this while remaining a beautiful device.

Kawai K15

In order to give the piano the level of responsiveness it has, it utilizes direct blow action. Each hammer hits directly and sounds of with a melodic tone.

A solid spruce soundboard helps to give it the beautiful upright piano sound that you come to expect from such a beautiful panel.

The pinblock is made from hard maple to give it years of durability on top of a beautiful sound. To support all of this, the K15 also features four back support posts.

Unlike some of the other Kawai model pianos, the K-15 comes in only two colors. The standard black that almost all of the Kawai pianos come in is an option, but you can also get polished mahogany.

You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of the Kawai K15, both visually and the rich sound that it produces.