Yamaha B3

If you have been into music for any amount of time, you have probably heard of Yamaha. They produce a wide variety of instruments from guitars to pianos.

Experience with producing various different instruments gives them the ability to craft fine instruments.

Yamaha B3

Yamaha’s b-line of pianos is designed to be slim but vibrant and the b3 is the largest of the serious. It is an exceptional upright piano that delivers rich sound from smooth playability.

While retaining the slim design of the Yamaha b-series of pianos, the b3 is a large frame with larger soundboard than the other models.

It is capable of producing a resonant voice that strikes cords in every listener. Each piece of the b3 has been analyzed and positioned to maximize the sound quality while also retaining the slim frame.

The b3 model is only slightly larger than the Yamaha b2’s 59 inches by 44.5 inches by 21.5 inches. Polished ebony is the standard finish for the acoustic Yamaha b3.

You can also find the piano in a white color and two different shades of natural wood. A b3 is ideal for small to medium sized rooms.