Petrof P 125 K1

Petrof is a Czech company that is known for crafting both fine upright pianos and grand pianos. The P 125 K1 was announced in 2016 and since then has spread to many different applications.

From concert halls to music education, this upright piano has proven to perform beyond expectations. The best concert match for the P 125 K1 is chamber orchestra.

Petrof P 125 K1

When the piano was first announced it sold out and it took a while to be able to acquire one. Now they are in stock and ready for purchase.

A soundboard crafted from resonance spruce would helps to give the Petrof P 125 K1 the beautiful sound that it exhibits.

Each material and design method was picked to aid this sound board from beech plywood being used for the pin block to the German steel and copper wire that is used for the strings.

You can find the Petrof P 125 K1 standard in a black with a high polish finish (color code 0801). However, if you would like to custom order another finish, Petrof has accommodated this in the past. Colors and finishes can be found for any style of room.