Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120

The Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120 is a portrait of elegance in craftsmanship and elite precision engineering. This upright acoustic piano will fit virtually any room, filling any space with rich and voluminous tones.

One of the most impressive innovations featured on the Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120 is the longer key design, which creates an even more optimal sense of touch in the key action.

Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120

This Grand Upright 120 from Bosendorfer can be outfitted with two sound slots as part of the Bosendorfer Sound Release System, and this feature can further improve the piano’s overall performance and sound.

With a total weight of 262kg and an 88-key design, this Grand Upright is a perfect example of high-end Austrian piano craftsmanship.

Individually strung and finished, this upright piano has a hand-made touch that is simply not found in some of the more common assembly line upright pianos.

The Bosendorfer Grand Upright 120 is a fantastic instrument for the seasoned professional, or even the beginner who want to start out with the best.