Yamaha P-115

Yamaha is one of the biggest names in the instrument world because they make a variety of instruments, not just pianos. All of this experience has allowed them to hone amazing pianos.

From expert designers to expert assembly processes, Yamaha puts out some of the best pianos, including keyboards.

The Yamaha P115 was designed as a follow up to one of the most popular keyboards that Yamaha has made.

This amazing 88 key keyboard is versatile and has all of the features that you expect and more. That includes digital connectivity with an iOS app.

Dual speakers allow for an enhanced level of sound when practicing, playing, and recording the Yamaha P115. It allows for a more authentic sound. You can bring your piano alive with a whole new level.

The keys on the P115 are designed to mimic those of a grand piano. Instead of having light keys that don’t respond to varying keypresses, the keys are weighted. A light press will get you a high end while a heavier touch will help with the low end.

Unlike some of the other keyboards that Yamaha produces you can get the Yamaha P115 in either black or white. The accessories that come with the piano are designed to match the color that you choose.