Yamaha DGX 230

For years now Yamaha has been a big name in the musical industry. From instruments to sound equipment, they make it.

All of this experience has contributed to them being one of the biggest names in the piano and keyboard world. Quality is key to the Yamaha name. Yamaha doesn’t cut any corners when they created the Yamaha DGX230.

The Yamaha DGX230 is a portable grand piano/keyboard. It features two speakers and 76 keys for wonderful sound. Included in that are realistic sounds and keys to help you produce the sound of a true grand piano. Also featured in the piano is a collection of other sounds.

Do you like to have music to help you practice? The DGX230 has a music database onboard to help give you something to play along with.

You can also add songs via the USB port and flash memory. The keyboard itself is also capable of connecting directly to a computer for recording and data transfer.

A smaller frame with the 76 keys makes it a perfect size for any location whether you are in an apartment or studio. The performance technology that goes into the piano will make it perfect for either a performance or recording, as well as simple practice.