Yamaha P-255

Yamaha is considered one of the instrument production masters. They produce everything from you standard guitar to fancy player pianos.

Instrumentalists and performers from around the world have been using Yamaha instruments since the company first opened. The Yamaha P255 keyboard keeps up the Yamaha tradition.

The P255 by Yamaha is part of their compact and stylish P-series line of pianos.

Available in either white or black, the P255 keyboard will look good anywhere you can fit it, which is almost anywhere. Yamaha has designed the P255 to be ultra-portable so that you can play it anywhere.

The voice of the piano may vary but every voice that the Yamaha P255 can reproduce is stunningly amazing. You can sound like the digital piano you are playing or recreate a string performance. The dual circular speakers allow you to put on realistic performances that sound stunning. A pair of 15W amps help to power the sound even further.

Using an iOS app you can control all of the digital features of the Yamaha P255. You can also fine tune the equalization from controls on the piano. Even change the sound to match the playing environment.