Yamaha YPG 535

Yamaha has been crafting instruments for years now. Not just pianos but also guitars and percussion instruments. They also make fine sound equipment.

With all of this experience in making instruments, Yamaha crafts some of the most well known pianos and keyboards. The Yamaha YPG 535 is a portable grand keyboard that upholds the popularity of their keyboards.

The 88 keys feature a graded soft touch so that they can be played smoothly. You can produce exactly the sound that you want and are expecting.

Included in the sounds are a number of voices from classical pianos to more electronic sounds. With the voices, every note is tailored to the song that you are playing.

Yamaha’s YPG 535 also comes with the ability to connect a USB device to store songs that you create, save settings, or load settings from other devices. The keyboard is also able to interact with your computer via USB.

You will find that the Yamaha YPG 535 comes with the things that you would expect but it has added benefits. Two powerful speakers allow you to hear every note in the performance area.