Yamaha P-45

There are many companies that have produced pianos for years, but not many are as well-known as Yamaha.

Yamaha produces all kinds of instruments from guitars to keyboard pianos to grand pianos. With such a wide amount of experience, they have become experts in crafting instruments.

Yamaha’s P45 keyboard is heralded as their most affordable piano. It is a versatile keyboard that is only 52 inches wide and 11.5 inches deep.

Just because the Yamaha P45 is affordable, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful. It comes with a variety of features that provide users with great benefit.

One of the great features of the keyboard is that they have recreated the feel of a real piano. The keys are weighted so that it feels like the press of a real piano, they aren’t just light keys.

If you are looking for a keyboard to help you practice playing a full-on piano, you can’t get much more realistic than this.

These keyboards come in a standard black coloring. They also come equipped with an eco-feature that powers the piano off after a bit of inactivity.

That way you are never wasting power. To make control simple, there are simplified buttons that allow you to easily understand the options.