Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3

Yamaha is a major producer of instruments of all kinds and musicians have relied on them for years to produce quality instruments.

Their Disklavier model of pianos is a specialized line of professional grand pianos that are also player pianos.

Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3

Using internal memory, Yamaha CD, or Yamaha floppy disk, you can play back almost any midi song through the power of these great pianos.

The DGB1KE3 is the 5 foot version of this series that is capable of producing a large amount of sound. You can also record what you play so that you can have the piano play it back so that you can better learn or even so you can write your own music.

All this is achieved through a high quality amplified speaker that is built into the piano.

This model is available in three different finishes. The polished ebony is the standard finish for the Disklavier DGB1KE3 but you can also get it in polished mahogany and polished white.

The bigger size of the DGB1KE3 makes it perfect for entertainment playing or for a larger educational studio. No matter where you have it, the sound will carry and fill the space.