Yamaha Disklavier DCFXE3PRO

Yamaha produces a wide array of instruments and uses its experience working with this array to improve with each new addition to the family.

The E3 series of pianos adds a professional addition to their family. With the E3 you can play the piano like normal, or use its digital player feature to play back a variety of music via USB, CD, or floppy disc.

Yamaha Disklavier DCFXE3PRO

The Disklavier feature of this piano allows you to capture the powerful sound that the piano outputs and record it for later playback.

That playback can be used to entertain the masses during a musician’s break or to enhance an instrumental education. A built-in speaker helps to amplify the sound of the recording so everyone can hear it.

What separates the DCFXE3PRO is the top tier materials used to produce the piano. It is one of the higher end additions to the grand piano part of the E3 line.

Five different finishing options exist for the DCFXE3PRO. The Polished Ebony is standard across the Disklavier line but you can also find Satin Ebony, Satin American Walnut, Polished White, and Polished Mahogany as options. The sound will be best suited to provide entertainment or professional education.