Yamaha C7

Yamaha has made a good name for themselves in the instrument world. From all kinds of guitars to all kinds of pianos you can find a good selection of instruments made by the company.

Chances are that if you have been in the music industry for any amount of time you have heard of the company.

The C7 is a conservatory grand piano that has remarkable sound quality. At seven feet, the piano is capable of putting out enough sound to illuminate any home or studio.

All of the experience in crafting fine instruments of various kinds shows in the Yamaha C7.

Pianos from the C line of pianos have been among the most desirable Yamaha pianos. There sound quality is remarkable.

The C7 is no longer manufactured by Yamaha so if you are interested in purchasing one you will have to find a used one. If you are interested you can find several around the world.

Yamaha has made a lot of pianos and their standard color is a black high polish finish. The most popular color you find around the world is the black high polish for the C7 but you can find it occasionally in other finishes.