Yamaha C3X

There are many names in the instrument world but there are few as well known as Yamaha.

Yamaha has crafted all kinds of instruments but they are most well known for their guitars and pianos. You have probably heard the Yamaha name before.

One of the most popular pianos that they currently produce is the C3X. With all of the experience that Yamaha has in crafting fine pianos, they have done a lot with the C3X. It is an acoustic grand piano that is part of their conservatory collection.

Yamaha has aimed to match fine piano crafting tradition with playability. Each note can be struck and controlled with precision. The CX series are often considered to be their flagship model.

No matter what you need, recording, learning, rehearsal or even stage, the C3X is capable of keeping up.

There are four different options for the finishing of the C3X. Polished ebony, polished mahogany, satin ebony, and white. The furniture for the piano is brass in color. With the four options in color you are able to find a match for any environment that you need a wonderful piano for.