Yamaha C3

If you know anything about the instrumental world you have heard of Yamaha. They produce a wide selection of instruments from guitars to pianos.

In the piano category you can get anything as basic as a keyboard to something more advanced like a grand piano.

With all of this experience in crafting instruments, each one that leaves their factory is crafted with expertise and care.

The Yamaha C3 is a conservatory grand piano that sits at just over 6 feet in size. These pianos have a wonderful voice that is sought around the world. They are considered by many to be a fine piano worthy of any home.

One of the things that this most desirable of pianos is known for is the beautiful sound that resonates. Because of the quality put into the sound quality that it is no surprise that it is so popular.

For the most part you can only find the C3 piano available in a black finish that is highly polished. The only C3 that you can still purchase from Yamaha is the C3 studio. Otherwise you will be able to find used C3 pianos around the world.