Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Piano is a Japanese piano company that has been producing quality pianos for over 100 years. Originally the company was named Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (Japan Musical Instruments) and they started out producing reed organs that quickly became known for their quality. While the original intent of the company was to produce pianos, Yamaha has since started to produce other instruments too. All of their experience has gone to make them experts in the production of instruments.

No matter what purpose you are looking for a piano for, Yamaha has thought of you. Many of the models are great for concerts, whether they are acoustic concerts or digital concerts. There are also pianos that are great for studying and practicing. Some options are also better for recording.

The Yamaha line of pianos offers a wide variety of piano styles. Acoustic options include grand pianos, premium pianos, and upright pianos. Yamaha has embraced the future though, and also crafts lines of keyboards, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos. Some of the voices of the Yamaha pianos have been so popular that they have been recorded for use as digital pianos.

Throughout the years, Yamaha has been pushing innovation in the piano industry. One of the most popular innovative features is the ability to turn on a silent mode. This allows a musician to cut off the pianos sound, resulting in the ability to practice even when you need to be quiet.

Cutting edge is something that Yamaha knows well. They have multiple different piano models that are capable of using apps. Basic features include being able to fine tune the sounds of the piano, such as the pitch. Other apps allow you to capture music and play it back on the piano. It depends on your piano model.

Overall, Yamaha pianos are well-known by the public as reliable and have the experience to ensure that their name is carried on. Just about every model of Yamaha piano has wonderful reviews, but no one model is right for every application. Take a look through each model to find one that is right for you.

If your interest has been peaked with the Yamaha series of pianos, make sure to take a look at the descriptions we have added of the various Yamaha models out there.

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