Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Piano is a Japanese piano company that has been producing quality pianos for over 100 years. Originally the company was named Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. (Japan Musical Instruments) and they started out producing reed organs that quickly became known for their quality. While the original intent of the company was to produce pianos, Yamaha has since started to produce other instruments too. All of their experience has gone to make them experts in the production of instruments.

No matter what purpose you are looking for a piano for, Yamaha has thought of you. Many of the models are great for concerts, whether they are acoustic concerts or digital concerts. There are also pianos that are great for studying and practicing. Some options are also better for recording.

The Yamaha line of pianos offers a wide variety of piano styles. Acoustic options include grand pianos, upright pianos and premium pianos. Yamaha has embraced the future though, and also crafts lines of keyboards, digital pianos, and hybrid pianos. Some of the voices of the Yamaha pianos have been so popular that they have been recorded for use as digital pianos.

Throughout the years, Yamaha has been pushing innovation in the piano industry. One of the most popular innovative features is the ability to turn on a silent mode. This allows a musician to cut off the pianos sound, resulting in the ability to practice even when you need to be quiet.

Cutting edge is something that Yamaha knows well. They have multiple different piano models that are capable of using apps. Basic features include being able to fine tune the sounds of the piano, such as the pitch. Other apps allow you to capture music and play it back on the piano. It depends on your piano model.

Overall, Yamaha pianos are well-known by the public as reliable and have the experience to ensure that their name is carried on. Just about every model of Yamaha piano has wonderful reviews, but no one model is right for every application. Take a look through each model to find one that is right for you.
If your interest has been peaked with the Yamaha series of pianos, make sure to take a look at the descriptions we have added of the various Yamaha models out there.


Yamaha Grand Pianos


Yamaha GC1

Yamaha crafts some of the finest instruments in the world. Musicians from every part of the world know their name.
Even those who don’t play instruments know their name. With experience in craft all kinds of instruments, Yamaha produces some of the highest quality pianos from around the world.

There have been a lot of pianos to choose from by Yamaha but the GC1 is a great option for many people.
It is a baby grand piano that measures just over five feet. Despite its small size, it is capable of putting out a wonderful voice that can fill a variety of different settings.
Only the finest parts are used in Yamaha pianos and the solid spruce soundboard helps to demonstrate that.

It is an expressive range of sounds that can fill any studio or home.
Five different finishes are available for the GC1. The standard finish is a polished ebony that will catch anyone’s eyes.
The others are polished mahogany, satin American walnut, satin ebony, or white. No matter where you are looking to put your piano, one of these five options will fit in and even enhance the space.


Yamaha C3

If you know anything about the instrumental world you have heard of Yamaha. They produce a wide selection of instruments from guitars to pianos.
In the piano category you can get anything as basic as a keyboard to something more advanced like a grand piano.

With all of this experience in crafting instruments, each one that leaves their factory is crafted with expertise and care.
The Yamaha C3 is a conservatory grand piano that sits at just over 6 feet in size. These pianos have a wonderful voice that is sought around the world. They are considered by many to be a fine piano worthy of any home.

One of the things that this most desirable of pianos is known for is the beautiful sound that resonates. Because of the quality put into the sound quality that it is no surprise that it is so popular.
For the most part you can only find the C3 piano available in a black finish that is highly polished. The only C3 that you can still purchase from Yamaha is the C3 studio. Otherwise you will be able to find used C3 pianos around the world.


Yamaha C3X

There are many names in the instrument world but there are few as well known as Yamaha.
Yamaha has crafted all kinds of instruments but they are most well known for their guitars and pianos. You have probably heard the Yamaha name before.

One of the most popular pianos that they currently produce is the C3X. With all of the experience that Yamaha has in crafting fine pianos, they have done a lot with the C3X. It is an acoustic grand piano that is part of their conservatory collection.

Yamaha has aimed to match fine piano crafting tradition with playability. Each note can be struck and controlled with precision. The CX series are often considered to be their flagship model.
 No matter what you need, recording, learning, rehearsal or even stage, the C3X is capable of keeping up.

There are four different options for the finishing of the C3X. Polished ebony, polished mahogany, satin ebony, and white. The furniture for the piano is brass in color. With the four options in color you are able to find a match for any environment that you need a wonderful piano for.


Yamaha C7

The C7 is a conservatory grand piano that has remarkable sound quality. At seven feet, the piano is capable of putting out enough sound to illuminate any home or studio.
All of the experience in crafting fine instruments of various kinds shows in the Yamaha C7.

Pianos from the C line of pianos have been among the most desirable Yamaha pianos. There sound quality is remarkable.
 The C7 is no longer manufactured by Yamaha so if you are interested in purchasing one you will have to find a used one. If you are interested you can find several around the world.

Yamaha has made a lot of pianos and their standard color is a black high polish finish. The most popular color you find around the world is the black high polish for the C7 but you can find it occasionally in other finishes.


Yamaha Disklavier DCFXE3PRO

Yamaha produces a wide array of instruments and uses its experience working with this array to improve with each new addition to the family.
The E3 series of pianos adds a professional addition to their family. With the Yamaha Disklavier DCFXE3PROE3 you can play the piano like normal, or use its digital player feature to play back a variety of music via USB, CD, or floppy disc.

The Disklavier feature of this piano allows you to capture the powerful sound that the piano outputs and record it for later playback. That playback can be used to entertain the masses during a musician’s break or to enhance an instrumental education. A built-in speaker helps to amplify the sound of the recording so everyone can hear it.

What separates the DCFXE3PRO is the top tier materials used to produce the piano. It is one of the higher end additions to the grand piano part of the E3 line.

Five different finishing options exist for the DCFXE3PRO. The Polished Ebony is standard across the Disklavier line but you can also find Satin Ebony, Satin American Walnut, Polished White, and Polished Mahogany as options. The sound will be best suited to provide entertainment or professional education.


Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3

Yamaha is a major producer of instruments of all kinds and musicians have relied on them for years to produce quality instruments. Their Disklavier model of pianos is a specialized line of professional grand pianos that are also player pianos. Using internal memory, Yamaha CD, or Yamaha floppy disk, Yamaha Disklavier DGB1KE3you can play back almost any midi song through the power of these great pianos.

The DGB1KE3 is the 5 foot version of this series that is capable of producing a large amount of sound. You can also record what you play so that you can have the piano play it back so that you can better learn or even so you can write your own music. All this is achieved through a high quality amplified speaker that is built into the piano.

This model is available in three different finishes. The polished ebony is the standard finish for the Disklavier DGB1KE3 but you can also get it in polished mahogany and polished white. The bigger size of the DGB1KE3 makes it perfect for entertainment playing or for a larger educational studio. No matter where you have it, the sound will carry and fill the space.


Yamaha Upright Pianos


Yamaha P-116

Yamaha is an expert in the musical instrument industry, they produce everything from guitars to drums to pianos.
Multi-instrument production has given them the experience needed to craft Yamaha P116some of the highest quality instruments.

The P116 upright piano is designed to provide refined sound while still fitting in modest dimensions. Yamaha’s P-series of pianos was designed to provide a mid-range option for pianos.

The Yamaha P116 is built on the B2E but with better quality materials and a superior soundboard. The bridges and hammers have also been upgraded.
Music coming from the P116 is richer than most of its size. It delivers well on its promise of a compact piano that still delivers amazing sound quality. A Yamaha P116 measures in at 116 by 152 by 58.

Yamaha produces the P116 in two different colors, a polished ebony or a polished white. You have the option with both colors to go for brass furnishings or chrome furnishings. The ideal environment for the Yamaha P116 is a small room but it will deliver modestly in a medium sized environment.


Yamaha B1

Yamaha is a major name in the music world. They produce a wide variety of different musical products. From pianos to drums, you can find quality in every instrument they craft. The experience of working with all of these Yamaha B1instruments has helped Yamaha to craft a fine line of acoustic upright pianos.

The Yamaha b1 is the entry piano to the b series but it won’t disappoint. Despite it being the first in the line, it holds exceptional quality. The idea behind the b1 is that it is a slim piano that can fit anywhere you need it to go. With measurements of 58.3 x 43 x 21.3, it will fit in many places other upright pianos simply can’t go.

Despite the focus on size, it hasn’t compromised on sound quality. Whether you are using the Yamaha b1 to teach or perform in a small room, the output will be just as nice as the beautiful appearance.

You can find the Yamaha b1 in a variety of finishes, the most common is the black, high gloss finish that most website have listed by default. It is also available in a white, or two different natural wood colors. All of the furnishings come in brass to help polish off this piano. While it is great for any environment, it is exceptional as a practice or small studio piano.


Yamaha B2

Those who have been in the music world for any amount of time will recognize the Yamaha name. Yamaha crafts a huge selection of instruments that have been used by professional musicians of all kinds.

Yamaha B2Multi-instrument experience allows Yamaha to craft instruments that produce some of the best sound. The B line of pianos provides an exceptional selection of upright pianos and the Yamaha b2 is a great midline piano for the series.

The role of the Yamaha b2 is to be the mid-sized piano in the B-series of upright pianos. It exceeds the b1 in tone and volume but maintains the same slim design.

A crown-design soundboard is designed to be perfectly balanced to enable resonance and sound projection. Each component is made from premium quality materials.

A Yamaha b2 piano measures 59 inches by 44.5 inches by 21.5 inches. This model is most commonly found with a black, high gloss finish that can be seen on many listings. You can also find it in a white finish or two different shades of natural wood.

The factory furnishings for the Yamaha b2 are brass in color. It will fit right in with any environment that you put it in but it’s perfect match is still smaller rooms.


Yamaha B3

If you have been into music for any amount of time, you have probably heard of Yamaha. They produce a wide variety of instruments from guitars to pianos. Experience with producing various different instruments gives them Yamaha B3the ability to craft fine instruments.

Yamaha’s b-line of pianos is designed to be slim but vibrant and the b3 is the largest of the serious. It is an exceptional upright piano that delivers rich sound from smooth playability.

While retaining the slim design of the Yamaha b-series of pianos, the b3 is a large frame with larger soundboard than the other models. It is capable of producing a resonant voice that strikes cords in every listener. Each piece of the b3 has been analyzed and positioned to maximize the sound quality while also retaining the slim frame.

The b3 model is only slightly larger than the Yamaha b2’s 59 inches by 44.5 inches by 21.5 inches. Polished ebony is the standard finish for the acoustic Yamaha b3. You can also find the piano in a white color and two different shades of natural wood. A b3 is ideal for small to medium sized rooms.


Yamaha Disklavier DU1E3

Yamaha is a larger producer of musical instruments and anyone who is into music will recognize their names. Since the company makes a variety of different instruments, they can draw from that to craft the finest pianos.
Yamaha Disklavier DU1E3While the name might sound complicated the Disklavier DU1E3 produces quality sound with outstanding performance.

Along with the Yamaha standard features, the Disklavier DU1E3 is capable of recording what you play so that you can be entertained or so that you can better evaluate what you are learning.It also helps you to craft your own music because you can record and make changes easily. The body of the piano is specifically designed to help carry the sound through the piano to illuminate an area with sound.

The DU1E3 is available in three finishes, a polished ebony, polished mahogany, and a polished white. Each one of these colors is designed to fit in any studio or performance area. The design is part of their professional series. It also is capable of connecting to the Disklavier Radio Service which allows the piano to play music over the internet if you connect the piano to the music.


Yamaha Electric Pianos


Yamaha P-45

If you are starting out or are taking the first few steps of a life as a pianist then Yamaha P45 reviewyou need something that is easy and doesn’t offer too many options as that can become confusing and distracting to a beginner. Another good quality a beginner piano should possess is an aggressive price. Once you become proficient, you should be able to buy a more advanced piano without losing a lot of money on your first piano. With that in mind, we got our hands on the Yamaha P45 piano which has

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Yamaha P-115

Yamaha has made the process of manufacturing affordable but dependable Yamaha P115musical instruments an art form. They have in recent years expanded their expertise into the slightly more powerful but still reasonably priced digital piano segment. In fact the P105 was their best seller for a long time.

The Yamaha P115 is meant to replace the P105 and..

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Yamaha P-125

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Yamaha P-255

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Yamaha DGX 230

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Yamaha YPG-235

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Yamaha YPG-535

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