Virtual Pianos

Electric (MIDI) pianos are wonderful tools that are enjoyed by many pianists from around the world but by themselves they are somewhat lacking. Virtual pianos are files/software that can be downloaded from libraries online. These files are used to change the sound of a MIDI controler.

Many of the files are recordings pianos that the stars use. One great example of this, is Alicia Key’s piano. You can get a complete, highest quality recording of her piano. These recordings allow you to play your MIDI keyboard like normal, while it produces a whole new sound set. Files sound like the real piano and allow you utilize all of the features of the piano they came from.

There are also a variety of players that can be downloaded from the internet so that you can play your virtual piano files directly from your computer. This gives you more power over your music as you can play it from nearly anywhere. Check to make sure that the samplings are compatible with your MIDI keyboard before making a purchase.

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