Alicias Keys

Native Instruments is a producer of Kontakt 5 virtual pianos. With this latest model they help you bring to life the style of Alicia Keys.

Unlike some other companies, Native Instruments actually worked with Alicia Keys to develop this virtual piano.

Alicias Keys native instrument

The music samples that are used for this virtual keyboard are all from Alicia Keys own piano, a Yamaha C3 Neo. The Yamaha C3 Neo was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Yamaha and it was a very highly sought-after model of piano.

It does a very good job of portraying the soul filled music that Alicia Keys is known for.

Overall the virtual piano is 6.9 GB worth of compressed data, uncompressed that would be 17 GB of WAV audio. That allows for very high definition and detailed play. In fact, it includes the mechanical noises and other subtleties that a piano makes.

Alicia Keys has actually used the Native Instruments virtual keyboard to record herself. You can see it featured in The Element of Freedom. It was the only piano that she used to record the whole album. Who doesn’t want to play a piano style that has helped Alicia Keys win multiple awards and become a best seller.