Pianoteq PRO 6 Studio Bundle

Do you like to create music or create music for your professional job? Then software that helps you to create the sound that you want is essential. This is just what Pianoteq PRO 6 Studio is for.

The Pianoteq PRO is designed for both composers and recording studios. With a powerful collection of tools and settings, you get the ability to produce the exact note that you want.

Instead of buying a virtual instrument pack, Pianoteq helps you to create your own personal instrument. Each project will include only the sound you want, at the detail level you desire.

What makes the PRO version different is the ability to work with sample rates up to 192 Khz.

Designed for effectiveness, the Note Editor that comes with the Pianoteq allows you to alter each note that is being composed.

There are over 30 different adjustments that you can make to every note. That sounds complicated but Pinaoteq has done a great job at making their editor easy to use.