Keyscape Collector Keyboards

There are a lot of virtual instruments on the market but the Keyscape collection of keyboards is one of the largest collections out there.

In the collector edition of keyboards there are 36 different models of keyboards included. Each one is chosen for its remarkable sound.

In order to be one of the best collections, you can’t just have a wide collection. Keyscape understands that and as such, has utilized the highest level of recording technology.

Besides having a three-dimensional sounding recording, all of the features of the pianos have been included. Even the imperfections of the pianos have been captured to help keep the virtual instruments authentic sounding.

These virtual instruments come with fully customizable options. From mixing the room mics to fine tuning the reverb, it is all there.

Custom settings with the Keyscape collection are dependent on the specific model but that is because every model already has its own unique sound and features.

For those that are looking for a collection of high quality instruments, the Keyscape virtual keyboard collection is definitely an option for you.

It has great reviews from the people who have tried these instruments. Whether you are looking to record or perform, this collection has shown its worth.