Kawai SK EX

Kawai is a Japanese piano company that brought piano production to Japan.

From a company founded on a dream of building pianos, to building some of the world’s best pianos, you know you are getting quality when you choose Kawai. The Kawai SK EX does not disappoint on that front.

Kawai SK EX

You will find the Kawai SK EX to be a concert grand piano that is capable of performing with any other big name grand.

Many piano sellers refer to the piano as a world-class piano. Materials that are used in the SK EX are chosen from the finest available.

These pianos are a fine representation of the instrument market because each one is hand crafted and only around 20 are produced each year.

Sound quality from the SK EX is capable of filling a performance hall or providing a more intimate setting, depending on your desires. The length of the piano is just an inch over 9 feet. It is available in an ebony polish and the hardware is a beautiful brass.