Kawai ES8

Kawai is a piano company with over 90 years under their belt. In what is a relatively small amount of time, their experience has earned them 45 awards.

They have over 7 different lines of pianos and also have a virtual controller. Kawai’s ES8 adds to their series of pianos quite well.

The Kawai ES8 is considered by the company to be keyboard perfection. It is both highly portable and elegant, a combination that is hard to achieve.

With this piano you can play anywhere at anytime with wonderful sound. A powerful built-in speaker system allows you to spread your music in any space. 34 instrument sounds are included on the piano.

There is a black gloss version and an ivory white finish available. The piano fits in both aesthetically and size wise to any room.

It would be remiss to leave out mentioning the USB features of the piano that allow you to both record and play WAV and MP3 files. That means you can record your own music or play music over your piano playing to put on your own concert.