Kawai ES110

45 awards have been won by Kawai since the company started. Kawai has over 90 years of piano crafting experience and in that small amount of time they have managed to build up quite the reputation.

Pianists from all lines of musical production use Kawai products. The Kawai es110 is a fine example of the Kawai product lines.

With an unmatched tone and touch, the Kawai es110 is a wonderful addition to the Kawai line.

With the es110, Kawai introduced a new speak system that helps to compliment the reaction based, graded hammer keys.

You can use Bluetooth to connect with your favorite devices in order to transmit MIDI files and playing to store your music.

The Kawai es110 also comes with the Alfred Piano Lesson system that helps people of all levels learn to master the piano in an easy way.

The Kawai es110 is available in either black or white. You can also purchase an optional stand and pedal assembly that matches the color you choose.