Kawai MP11

Kawai comes from the founder of the company Koichi Kawai. He wanted to create a leading company in the piano world and his dream became a reality.

Not just are their pianos made with great quality, but innovation. For example, they were the first keyboards to have a built-in CD recorder to capture music.

Kawai’s MP11 is a stage piano that upholds the famous name that it was made under. If you are a professional who doesn’t want to compromise, the MP11 won’t disappoint.

The keyboard responds exactly how you would expect it to and would like it to. It provides the ability to play with a variety of voices and to program the EQ & reverb to the precise setting you are looking for.

It would be bad to leave out the connections on the Kawai MP11.

One feature allows you to output the audio to a PA or speaker system to put on a wonderful performance. But you can also output both MIDI and USB at the same time. A feature that is rare on any instrument.

If you want to play along to music that is on your tablet or phone, there is also a ¼ inch input.